KAL-EL Poiyomi Pro 8.2

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KAL-EL Poiyomi Pro 8.2

By: Saturnis

If you've purchased KALANDRA, I've updated her downloads with a matching skin texture set to match KAL-EL free of charge. Enjoy!!

VRCFury is a dependency and is included in the downloads.


  • Precision Dynamics and Weight Paint
  • Bounding Box Fix (Disappearing Meshes)
  • Face and Body Re-Sculpt
  • Full Body Tested and Ready
  • Phys Bones and Colliders for Hair, Butt, and Pecs
  • 7 Custom Facial Gestures (Left Hand Only)
  • Enterprise Texturing All Meshes
  • Custom High-Quality Penetrator with Enterprise Re-Texture
  • GoGoLocomotion Added
  • Lighting and Skin Hue Options (Dark Skin)
  • Outfit, Hair, and Shoe Swaps

Note: This is not an optimized avatar.


  • Showcase: Depereo
  • Dancer: Texaga
  • Photography: Saturnis
  • Render: NEEKxx

A very special Thank You to Lucky’s Revenge for his mentorship. My texturing skill probably wouldn’t have come as far as it has without his expertise. Never be so bold that you forget where you came from, in order to exist in the state you’re in now. Lucky’s Revenge

You are in no circumstances to use my body textures, their normal maps, etc., on personal, public, or commercial projects without permission. I have watermarked them all. Please respect my work. I will call you out if I see it.

Assets Credits:

  • Head: Sugs - Zinpia (Heavily Edited - Head is tagged, no re-use)
  • Body: Misty - Misty (Heavily Edited - Base is tagged, no re-use)
  • Veil/Demon Horns: Gashina - Gashina
  • Mullet Hair: Siren - Siren (Edit by RestInPasta RestInPasta)
  • Alt Anime Hair: Delor - Delorblause
  • T-Shirts: Crabman823 - Crabman823
  • Boxers: Picklebarrel323 - Picklebarrel323
  • Choker: AATT Alces - Alces
  • Unisex Ponytail: strelizias#0002 Strelizias (Edit by 8 inch#1376 8inch)
  • Tattoo: France - FranceX24
  • Sweat Pants: Kaycee - KC3D
  • Cuban Link Harness: ROY4LTY - ROY4LTY
  • Coat: WolvesStudio - WolvesStudio
  • Dragon Horns: Griffonka - Griffonka (My personal edit, no re-use)
  • Glasses: KOLD - KOLD
  • Jeans: MEHDI - MEHDI
  • Arm Chains: BloodRayne - BloodRayne
  • Sweater and Tie Outfit: YUKINA - Yukina

Additional Credits Pending

Unlisted assets are privately sourced, made, or commissioned by me.

Ease of Use Disclaimer:

  • Please have a general understanding of Unity before purchasing this package. I'll work with you the best I can, but if you deliberately go in tampering or editing, you do so at your own risk.
  • Please create a fresh Unity project before importing the package.
  • You will need Ravliv's DPS system Ravliv imported into the project for DPS to work. I highly advise that you use a current/up-to-date version.
  • Please use the VRCSDK and shader that I've included. "Import SDK, POI PRO, and DPS System first, then the Avatar Package" - ENJOY!!


  • You are NOT ALLOWED to use any of the above assets without first purchasing and or seeking out the approval of the original creator's permission or from myself.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to share this package with friends, make public or resell as your own work.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to sell or upload my work to other platforms including NEOS'VR, CHILLOUTVR, OR ANY OTHER PLATFORM OTHER THAN VRCHAT!!
  • Best of luck and I hope you enjoy KAL-EL.

TERMS OF SERVICE: Be advised you are purchasing a product that has been assembled from scratch via many assets. Though we as avatar creators do our best to assemble and sell a quality product and quality test multiple times, glitches are bound to happen. If it is a minor glitch that does not impact the performance of the avatar, then no remake will happen. If it's something major, please reach out so said issue can be fixed. Aside from this, you buy at your own risk. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Saturnis Gumroad Jinxxy Saturniss

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No Refunds

This is a digital product and offers no refunds as the product cannot be reclaimed. If fraud has occurred or if a deliberate chargeback occurs you will have your product access revoked from your account. I will do my very best to fix any issues with this product, if any occur. Please be patient.

Last updated Nov 25, 2023


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KAL-EL Poiyomi Pro 8.2

38 ratings
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